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Brand Partnerships

Brand Partnerships Definition

Promotional brand partnerships are a targeted way of adding-value to your own product or service by associating with the brand equity, reputation and personality of a complementary brand - to the mutual benefit of both parties. This is usually in the form of a marketing campaign where your interaction with the host brand entitles you to a free, discounted or in some way beneficial reward from the partner company.

With the right partner, partnership marketing is a cost-effective solution for a tactical sales promotion which can often blossom into a rewarding strategic alliance. The key advantage of a successful brand partnership is that you reciprocally tap into each other’s heritage, integrity and credibility.

Choosing the right brand partner

As with any worthwhile relationship, finding the right partner can be a challenge. You may have a number of candidates in mind but there are numerous factors that you must consider to  ensure your partnership will work for you:

  • Does the partner have a similar or desirable target audience?

  • Does associating with their brand positively enhance your own brand?

  • Would an alliance with you appeal to a potential partner and their customers?

  • What's the value of an offer from that partner? Are their offers over-exposed or do they have a no-discounting policy?

  • Practically, is the partner accessible to the vast majority of your customers / retail network?

On this last point, is 1 partner enough? It can often be more inclusive to develop a promotional theme using independent discount partners - a unique service where Mosaic excels! 

How to achieve your ideal Brand Partnership

Whatever your wish list of potential brand partnerships, it's likely that the most desirable candidates are being approached by a number of potential suitors all the time. So, how do you achieve cut-through and get your opportunity noticed?

Answer - trust an expert sales promotion agency who negotiates brand partnerships all the time  - Mosaic Marketing!

Brand partnerships are Mosaic Marketing’s core service - having worked on some of the biggest promotional campaigns in the UK over the last 20 years. In fact, we're one of only a few specialist partnership marketing companies in the UK.

Because we are talking to leisure and lifestyle brands every day, our partners readily take our call as we're often presenting them with another exciting opportunity. Mosaic Marketing can save you considerable time and frustration, freeing you up to focus on the bigger picture.

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