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Prize Draw and Instant Win

The second-most-popular promotional marketing technique with three main variations:

  • Prize Draw

  • Instant Win

  • Games of Chance


Fairly self-explanatory but a prize draw is a draw made from all valid entries at a specified future date(s) where prizes are definitely won. An Instant Win uses a pre-determined, fair and random selection process to decide if you are a winner straight away - and all prizes can theoretically be won. Games of Chance add an element of gameplay, skill or just luck to proceedings to determine the winners - this can be in the form of a simple scratch card, upload and vote, all the way up to quite elaborate animated games or fantasy style sports leagues.

The one thing all of these competitions have in common is that there is a relatively small number of actual winners which can lead to consumers complaining or worse, crying foul and calling your campaign a con. This is where your a good sales promotion agency, like Mosaic Marketing, would suggest providing an Everyone's a Winner discount offer to help keep everyone happy.

Mosaic Marketing can help with the sourcing, handling and fulfilment of prizes as well as securing legal compliance to ensure you uphold the highest standards with consumers.


  • Relatively cheap and easy to implement

  • Data capture

  • PR opportunity for major prizes

  • Increase social media engagement

  • Sourcing the right prizes can enhance and reinforce your brand values


  • Commonly used - a bit of a "me too"

  • Limited winners can result in social media backlash

  • Don't fall foul of Legal compliance