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HFSS Brands: activity promotions can help you re-write the obesity headlines

The nation's waistline, and particularly our children's, has never been a hotter topic in the UK and for good reason. Obesity has a serious impact on the nation's economic health as well. The overall cost of obesity to wider society is estimated at £27 billion and is projected to cost the NHS £9.7 billion annually by 2050, and the cost to society estimated to reach £49.9 billion per year.

Of course, High Fat, Salt and Sugar brands have taken the brunt of the criticism and new advertising laws have been brought in to prevent brand messages from HFSS brands reaching predominantly child-oriented audiences. Whilst many brands are taking measures to reduce fat, salt and sugar content from their products, we all recognise that the Great British public is never going to stop eating naughty treats. 

Fortunately, Mosaic can provide promotional marketing solutions which deliver an appealing on-pack message whilst complying with HFSS regulations. As an added bonus, by running one of our Activity-Based on-pack offers encourages young people to adopt a more healthy lifestyle. So, it's a win-win all round. Activities can take the form of Family Days Out and Attractions, trampolining, karting, martial arts, paintball and many more. We tailor the activities to suit you.

Just take a look at a few of the brands we've helped support with on-pack fun activity promotions:

Every campaign we develop is built to order, matching the promotional content (in this case discount partners) with the personality and use-occasion of your product and the nature of your customer base. Why not get in touch, to see what we can do for you?