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Gift With Purchase

Gift with Purchase is an excellent way of driving customer acquisition whilst preserving margins. The free product or offer (ideally) adds real value to the item you've bought; think Free Phone Case with a new Mobile contract, a Free Mug with a Box of Tea etc. Gifts can obviously take many forms whether it is a physical product or, more economically, an added value discount on a complementary product, service or activity. The benefit of these promotions is that the 'value' of the giveaway is less transparent and you have the opportunity to put your branding on the giveaway to keep it front of mind long after the purchase was made. A little more scope for creativity from your appointed sales promotion agency too.


  • Good customer acquisition tool

  • Enhances brand values/customer experience

  • Preserves margins


  • Generally higher budgets required

  • Practicality of getting gift to customer

  • Customer service related to gift