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Flights & Travel


What Travel promotions can you do?

Mosaic can provide a wide variety of travel promotions to suit your audience, budget, location and objectives. The type of travel content we can provide includes:

  • Totally Free Flights to European destinations and beyond

  • Fare-Free Flights to Europe and Morrocco - customer pays taxes and charges

  • Free and discounted hotel accommodation across the UK and Europe

  • Exclusive access to a Discount Travel Booking service 

  • £50, £100 or higher value Holiday Vouchers offering real value and maximum flexibility

  • Free lifestyle and leisure apps to enhance your travel

  • Discounted Days Out and Dining to enhance your trip


These travel promotions can be provided as a Gift with Purchase, Instant Win or Prize Draw, Everyone Gets, or as a pure Reward or Incentive.

Tell me more about Free Flight Promotions

Sure, most of the other travel promotions we mentioned are pretty self-explanatory but Free Flights sound too good to be true, right?

Well, all the magic is done in our dedicated travel centre which has access to all of the flight routes and prices for the vast majority of airlines. We also have an actuarial approach to many years of travel promotion data. This means we know how many people are going to take up most promotional offers and where travellers will typically wish to travel to. Put these factors together and we can provide you with an impeccable level of service at the most economical price.

Depending on your budget and expected volume of uptake, the Free Flight can be claimed in a number of ways, from mailing in your choice of dates, ringing up our dedicated travel booking service or entering a unique code on a live booking system. Some restrictions may apply to booking periods to avoid disappointment at peak season, but we do our best to minimise these where at all possible. So, what are you waiting for - why not check-in with us and see how we can make your travel promotion plans happen.

Examples and Case Studies

Please contact us for case studies of Travel and Free Flight promotions or just to explore the options. Ciao for now!  

Why run Holiday, Flight or Travel promotions?

The simple answer is - they APPEAL to EVERYONE and, most importantly, THEY WORK! According to research conducted by the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (and they should know):

  • 80% of respondents believe travel incentives increased their loyalty towards a company

  • 75% increased their trust of the company giving them the travel reward

  • Holiday Travel is the 3rd most popular spend category after the essentials - food and housing

  • An incentive with a high perceived emotional value leads to greater brand advocacy

  • A memorable experience lives long in the memory - far longer than receiving a physical gift or even cash

For more fun travel stats click the infographic below: