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Discount Partner Offers

What are Discount Partner Offers?

Discount partner offers are usually themed to achieve a specific concept or reinforce the profile or even a brand proposition. To illustrate, we recently recruited 'outdoor-only' days out for a free-range egg brand. 

How can I use Discount offers?

Discount offers are usually third-party funded so there is no additional cost when the offer is redeemed. This makes discount offers perfect for an 'everyone's a winner' reward where you want to sustain interest in a campaign. (See our top tips from 20 years in sales promotion here).  Alternatively, discount offers can form the entire theme behind a campaign as Walkers did with our famous 2 for 1 at 3000 Indian and Chinese takeaways.

Examples of Discount Offers

Here is a selection of the most popular discount partner offers that Mosaic Marketing has developed for numerous clients. Don't let this limit your thinking though - our sales promotion agency team can recruit offers for most leisure and lifestyle activities you can think of. For more details of each offer, click on the icons below. These include Afternoon Tea, Beauty & Pampering, Days Out and Attractions, Dining, Experiences, Flights and Travel, Hotels, Cinema and Movie Merchandise, Swimming, Sports and Activities and Bespoke solutions.