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Sales Promotion Agency - Directors

Paul Preece

  • Paul Preece on LinkedIn

Paul was first drawn into the sales promotion world by an on-pack collector scheme for the 1972 (or possibly 76) Olympics to collect a special Olympic goody bag courtesy of Weetabix. The whole family, already adept at collecting Green Shield Stamps, rose to the challenge and managed to eat their way through enough Weetabix to secure a goody bag for all three Preece boys. They surely deserved some sort of medal?

Again, something must have clicked for the middle Preece offspring as he has gone on to be a canny collector and master of spotting a good deal ever since. This skill has stood him in good stead when it comes to negotiating the best possible deals for our clients with the UK's favourite leisure and lifestyle businesses.

Paul is the managing director of Mosaic Marketing, overseeing the day to day sales and account management of the business.

Adam Miller

  • Adam Miller on LinkedIn

Adam first became aware of sales promotion with a slogan-based competition running on the whole Rowntrees range of confectionery in 1979. A boy in his class won a brand spanking new Raleigh bike with the slogan "If I win, I'll give it to my sister". Not particularly inspiring, but it seemed impressive at the time. So he borrowed it to try and win a bike for himself or, should I say, his sister. Of course he didn't win but the sales promotion served it's purpose and the impact of it remains to this day.

Little did he know that the concept of  trying to influence consumer behaviour with some form of promotional hook, inducement, incentive or prize would one day lead to him running his own Sales Promotion Agency.

With an IPM diploma and a degree in Engineering, Adam manages the practical side of running a modern promotional agency both online and off.