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Curry & Dining Promotions

As one of the UK's most popular leisure activities, it is no wonder that UK marketers have a huge appetite for discounts on eating out with friends and family.

Our speciality of the house is themed dining promotions offering discounts on Indian Curry, Family Dining or Italian Restaurants. Working with popular independent venues or some of the Uk's favourite dining chains, Mosaic can serve up such tempting promotional offers as a 2 for 1 main dish, free starter or dessert and, for the more exclusive establishments, a mouth-watering 25% off the total bill discount.

Mosaic has a rich stock of case studies when it comes to dining promotions. Here are a few just for starters: 

  • The UK's biggest ever dining promotion for Walkers Crisps - featuring a whopping 3000 Indian and Chinese restaurants on nearly 1 billion packets of crisps

  • Phileas Fogg offered their adventurous customers a 2 for 1 downloadable voucher on a wide variety of world cuisines

  • A year's membership of a market-leading dining discount programme given to every new Nokia customer 

Our dining discount offers can be accessed via a voucher printed within the packaging, a downloaded voucher from a promotional website or by the use of a smartphone app. Vouchers can be one-use, or you can have access to an on-going discount for a pre-agreed period. So, if this has whet your appetite, you can order your dining promotion here.