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Customer Acquisition Incentives

Why use Incentives?

A well-chosen acquisition incentive or promotion can be a powerful way to generate interest and transform leads into buying customers who return again and again. Numerous studies* have found that between 25-50% of consumers are motivated by a Free Gift or Incentive to persuade them to make a purchase decision that they would not otherwise have made.

An added bonus of giving away a gift related to the purchase is that customers are 15% more likely to share their experience with friends and family online* compared with giving a coupon or rebate which made negligible difference to the shareability. With recommendations by friends on Social Media being more influential than traditional advertising, it's no surprise that companies like Procter & Gamble and 7-Eleven are exploiting the power of giving away freebies with targeted below the line campaigns.

Benefits to your business

Implementing the right customer acquisition tool across your various marketing channels can transform your business:

  • Convert leads into paying customers

  • Lower Cost of Acquisition per customer

  • Provide a tangible point of difference over competitors without cutting margins

  • Increase customer engagement

  • Encourage Social Media Advocacy - the power of word of mouth recommendation 

Selecting the right Incentive

We are a customer acquisition management company with a difference - we don't try and force you to accept our One Size Fits All solution, e.g. High Street Gift Cards or e-Vouchers. Mosaic fits YOUR acquisition incentive to suit YOU, developing the best solution for your brand, budget and customer base. Amongst our most popular incentive solutions are:

But don't let the list above limit your thinking - we specialise in BESPOKE INCENTIVES, our made-to-measure service where we make you look a million dollars (without breaking the bank!). So if you want to develop a compelling, relevant incentive worth your customers shouting about, get in touch now on 01865 877711 or email us to see what we can do for you.

* Sources: Rapid Campaign, Mintel, US Journal of Marketing