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Collector Scheme

A great technique for encouraging repeat purchase, collector schemes can be extremely effective at building up a solid database of loyal customers who become long-term brand advocates. Clearly this technique won't work for high ticket items or infrequent purchases where a member benefits scheme would be more appropriate, but for the core fast-moving consumer goods, these campaigns give brands a platform they can really shout about. Yeo Valley's Yeokens scheme below is a prime example. You can collect proofs of purchase for one promotional item or even several tiers of promotional merchandise.

Mosaic Marketing can draw on their years of experience as a sales promotion agency to help you implement these campaigns by advising the number of Proofs of Purchase for each reward, developing and sourcing merchandise and even handling and fulfilling the gifts to your customer. Key takeaways are ensuring that points levels are realistic and that you have enough interest at the lower points levels to keep consumers from getting disillusioned. Ensure that premiums are good quality, stock levels are managed to avoid disappointment and merchandise is fulfilled in a timely manner. Third-party discount offers can be useful here, e.g. 2 for 1 Days Out.


  • High engagement

  • Brand advocacy

  • Brand building

  • Data capture


  • Long term commitment to multi-tier strategic programmes

  • Higher budget - which can be protected with promotional risk insurance

Yeo Valley Yeokens Merchandise