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Cinema Promotions

Mosaic has developed a cost-effective cinema promotion that can be delivered entirely online and is simple to understand and easy to participate in.​ Here's a simple step by step guide to show you how 'My Cinema Pass' works:

You can quickly and easily give your customers the reward of a Free Cinema Ticket or a pair of Tickets at the UK's biggest cinema chain. Customers claim their ticket(s) using a unique code which can be distributed on-pack, as an instant win message on screen or sent by email to qualifying customers. The code gives them access to the cinema booking site where they can choose their nearest cinema and book their seats.

Alternatively, you may have arranged a promotional tie-in with a specific movie release. Mosaic can bring your headline movie promotion to life with an on-pack experiential offer to elevate your brand activation. For example, we developed a very successful 2 for 1 Kung Fu and other Martial Arts for McDonald's Happy Meals and Kung Fu Panda 2 as an everyone's a winner.

So, don't wait for your directors to call Action! Contact Mosaic now.