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Car Dealer Promotions

Mosaic has provided a number of incentives for manufacturers and dealers in the automotive industry. Our leisure and lifestyle incentives naturally lend themselves to complementing the freedom of life on the open road - or at least imagining what you could be doing instead of sitting in stationary traffic!

Using the right headline, you can cost-effectively influence consumer behaviour; whether it's enticing people to visit their local dealer, take a test drive or even sign on the dotted line for their new car purchase! Indeed, one of our promotions helped deliver c. £14m of sales over a 12 month period. 

As well as delivering tangible value in the form of actual sales, promotional tools have the added benefit of increasing customer engagement or providing a GDPR compliant process for capturing consumer data which will allow you begin your relationship with that individual.

Campaigns are tailored to suit your objectives, budget, brand and customer profile.

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