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Mosaic is the unrivalled expert in building bespoke discounts from "virtual chains" of leisure partners where there is no dominant chain. When it comes to developing your unique promotional offer, Mosaic really is the best in the business. This is where our attention to detail, unrivalled contacts, process-driven CRM and absolute diligence ensure that we deliver what you want (and often more). All our promotions are backed up with our award-winning service.

We have been asked some pretty bizarre things over our years in the business, including my personal favourite - a fine dining promotion for a toilet bowl freshener (yes really!). Apart from that obvious mismatch of brand aspiration versus Ramsay-esque outrage, we can't profess to second guess what every potential partner's attitude will be to our latest blue skies promotional challenge. And, as we pride ourselves on never promising what we can't deliver, Mosaic will undertake due-diligence, research, toes in the water - call it what you will, so we can be 99% sure that your promotion is viable.

Our team has 20+ years of experience and expertise in building 3rd party promotions to order which means that you can trust Mosaic to deliver your next bespoke sales promotion and make your dreams come true.


Need Inspiration? If your ideas aren't fully formed, involve us at the earliest possible stage to get your project on the right track from the outset. We'll happily be the soundboard for your promotional ideas and give you all the tools you need to sell in the idea to the board / your client. Get in touch to see how we measure up.