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Nestle - We Will Find You

Nestle We Will Find You

KitKat, Aero, Yorkie, KitKat Chunky - We will find you

Running on:
KIT KAT 4 Finger Milk (45g), KIT KAT Chunky Milk (48g), Aero Peppermint (40g) and Yorkie Milk (55g) packs featuring the 'We Will Find You!' promotional flash - Nestlé Confectionery UK

What's the big idea:
This is an Instant Win for the mobile generation. In a cunning twist on the 'find the winning code' theme, the idea is that if you've got a winning pack - they will find you within 24 hours. So there are overtones of Bond, Spooks, surveillance society, Big Brother and for some - privacy issues and conspiracy theories! According to some, chocolate bars already contain nano-particles that people unwittingly ingest to provide consumption data to food conglomerates? I wondered what that crunchy bit was!

On the flipside there's the usual enter your code online to see if you're a winner of a runner up prize. Woo hoo.

If you've won one of the 6 top prizes you will have a special GPS Bar which you must activate following the in-pack instructions. This will allow the Nestlé's agents to track you down. Activated bars must be kept with you and you must not enter an airport or board an aircraft. If you don't want to be tracked or you aren't found within 24 hours you can ring Nestlé Customer Services on 00800 6378 5385. You must surrender the GPS Bar when you receive your winners certificate and you will receive a replacement chocolate bar as well!!!

Nestle Swot Team

For the Runners Up prizes you've got to 'like' the official page of KitKat, Aero Bubbly Chocolate or Yorkie on Facebook before you can do anything. Then enter the pack code online and if the time you enter the code is closest to one of the pre-determined "winning moments" you will be notified immediately if you're a winner.

What's on offer:
6 x £10,000 (or €12,000 in EIRE)
In cheque form

2,000 x £10 (€12 in EIRE)
A cheque in your local currency 


Closing date for entry of codes is 16th June 2013
GPS bars are out there while stocks last 

Any good?
At last. A truly innovative campaign which brings levels of excitement, intrigue and the sort of wow-factor that will get customers talking.

Of course it's cleverly timed to coincide with the release of the new Bond movie, Skyfall and the 50th anniversary - another example of Nestlé capturing the cultural and sporting zeitgeist of the moment. And why not? 

As a Facebook fan builder it will undoubtedly be a hit, but as a pure PR effort you only have to google 'Nestlé We'll find You' to see how much noise this promotion has created. Bizarrely even David Ike has featured the YouTube advert on his website and a privacy rights website has a whole stream of fascinating comment on the underlying implications of the promotion:

Overall it's a big thumbs up from PromoWatch on this one. Although we have thought of some alternative variations on this theme:

  • Try and evade being found within 24 hours to win an even bigger prize
  • Activating your bar and then be automatically contacted with a mission or destination that you have to reach within a certain time
  • Chocoulette - 5 of the 6 bars explode in your face when you activate them leaving only 1 winner (perhaps not!) 
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matlub hussain said...
i have joint in kitkat. i have number drew
May 19, 2013 09:49
hidat said...
I won 10,00 pounds
May 19, 2013 09:49
Barry Cooper said...
ive got a code inside my kitkat
May 19, 2013 09:49
Amy codling said...
How do I.findbout if I've won?
May 19, 2013 09:49

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