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Sales Promotion Content Solutions

Sales Promotion Solutions

Adam Miller
Director - Mosaic Marketing

Sales Promotion Definition

Sales promotion has existed since the very first market trader shouted "buy one get one free".

In many ways sales promotion is the most important marketing discipline because your promotional message reaches the consumer right at the point of making a purchase decision - "to buy or not to buy, that is THE question." In these time-poor, multi-channel media days your sales promotion message has to be simple, effective and above all, appealing.

Dressing up ideas

There are five core sales promotion techniques and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The creative bit is how you dress up the idea and get the consumer involved. It's this skill which keeps promotional agencies like Mosaic Marketing in business! The key promotional strategies are:

1. Discounting or Bulk Purchase
2. Gift with Purchase
3. Buy and Win
4. Collector Scheme
5. Money-back Guarantee

On the following pages we'll explain these simple concepts and show you how the world's biggest brands turn them into stunning sales promotions.

1. Discounting


This technique is obviously the most commonly used and appears in many forms, % Off, Buy One Get One Free or % Extra Free. Clearly not much scope for creativity here and, in our opinion, discounting is a slippery slope with the long term effect of eroding margins and raising consumer expectations of always receiving a discount. In fact, Buy One Get One Free in supermarkets has been so vilified - it has been blamed for encouraging food waste or the logical opposite outcome - chronic obesity. Mosaic's advice: use sparingly.

2. Gift with Purchase

Gift with Purchase

Gift with Purchase or, more snappily, 'Everyone's a Winner' gives everyone who purchases your product something for free which (ideally) adds real value to the item you've bought; think Free Phone Case with a new Mobile contract, a Free Mug with a Box of Tea etc.

Gifts can obviously take many forms whether it is a physical product or, more economically, an added value discount on a complimentary product, service or activity.

Kelloggs free personalised spoon

The benefit of these promotions is that the 'value' of the giveaway is less transparent and you have the opportunity to put your branding on the giveaway to keep it front of mind long after the purchase was made.

Some fantastic recent examples of Gift With Purchase include:

McDonald's - Free Coke London 2012 Glass
Nutella - Free Personalised label
New Covent Garden Soup - Free Seeds of Summer

Enjoy access to hundreds of promotional campaign case studies at Promowatch on us!

3. Buy and Win

Free Prize Draw

The second most-popular promotional marketing technique with three main variations: Prize Draw, Instant Win or Games of Chance. Fairly self-explanatory but a prize draw is a draw made from all valid entries at a specified future date(s). An Instant Win uses a pre-determined, fair and random selection process to decide if you are a winner straight away. Games of Chance add an element of gameplay, skill or just luck to proceedings to determine the winners - this can be in the form of a simple scratch card, upload and vote, all the way up to quite elaborate animated games or fantasy style sports leagues.

The one thing all of these competitions have in common is that there is a relatively small number of actual winners which can lead to consumers complaining or worse, crying foul and calling your campaign a con. This is where building in other techniques, like adding an Everyone's a Winner discount offer can help keep everyone happy.


Prize promotions can be a cost-effective way of delivering a compelling headline and creating social media buzz around your brand.

Here are some of our favourite prize promotions:

Carlsberg - Fan Squad
Coca-Cola - Win a Million Selfie-Sticks
Actimel - Squeeze More Win

Find your next award winning idea on our dedicated blog Promowatch.

4. Collector Scheme

Collector Scheme

A great technique for encouraging repeated purchase, collector schemes can be extremely effective at building up a solid database of loyal customers who become long term brand advocates. Clearly this technique won't work for high ticket items or infrequent purchases, but for the core fast moving consumer goods, these campaigns give brands a chance to develop a platform they can really shout about.


Data and customer relationships are amongst the most important marketing buzz words and a good collector scheme can deliver on both of these metrics and more.

These collector schemes were particularly effective:

Budweiser - Collect to Win
PG tips - Cuppa Club
Mars - Sweet Sundays Cinema promotion

Add to your case study collection on these loyalty schemes and more at Promowatch.

5. Money Back guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

Not to be confused with a product warranty or consumer's statutory rights, Money-Back guarantees are a brilliant tool for encouraging product trial for new lines. You would normally underwrite the value of any claims with a professional promotional risk insurance company who would send claimants the value of their purchase or some contribution thereof, for simply writing in and explaining why they disagree with the product's claims. Little scope for massive creativity here but a valuable tool in the promotional armoury nevertheless.


As you will see from the examples below, Try Me Free promotions demonstrates confidence in your brand, makes a powerful headline and removes the risk of product trial for waivering customers.

Try these examples for free:

Bakers - Empty Bowl Promise
Bueno Kinder - Try Me Free
Onken - Love Me or Your Money back

Find more examples on Promowatch - no guarantees though.

Putting it all together

Now we know all the ingredients for different sales promotions, the real excitement is how we put them all together to create new and exciting combinations. One of the greatest exponents of this craft is the annual McDonald's Monopoly Millions which has been running for many years now across several countries.

McDonald's Monopoly Millions

The game comprises a Prize Draw, Instant Win and Collectable elements which evolves year on year to offer a bigger and bigger prize pot.


If this has inspired you to explore the world of sales promotion further, don't risk your money working with an inferior supplier. Try out our unique Promotion Creator by clicking here, to see what we can do for you. Of course every company is going to claim they're the best at what they do, but in summarising our Service Partner of the Year award The IPM declared that 'for a service partner to be singled out in a nominated campaign means they are themselves amongst the best in the UK, if not the world.'

Feel safe in the knowledge that Mosaic will take on all the hassle, frustration and attention to detail required to make your promotion succeed, while you concentrate on the bigger picture.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with Mosaic today and we'll be happy to help with any aspect of developing your next sales promotion campaign.

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